"I mix art and science... building abstract biological structures"

— Adriano Ribeiro

My name Adriano Ribeiro I was born born and grew up in Belém; a strange, beautiful city in the east coast of northern Brazil, Amazon area. Since the year 2000 I live and work in Southern Italy, Sicily, I’m married, have two kids,  a girl and a boy (they listen to me!… Ha ha ha). I’m very glad to have this fantastic Italian people as family and I love to spend 91% of my time with them.

I took a number of fine arts courses while in university, however I am officialy a self taught artist. I also studied chemistry, philosophy and technical drawing. I’ve been working as a educator in rehab communities for some years. I founded a small company of optical and laser instruments. All these skills have nothing to do with each other, I know, but years ago I used to be a fairly multitasking guy. Currently I’m very concentrated in my art, in my studio, dedicating hours a day in new my new artistic projects.

I love painting, a lot, I’ve been painting and drawing on anything and everything for as long as I can remember. I am intrigued by the astronomy, cosmology, black holes, science fiction novels, sci fi movies, nano technology and almost everything about these ‘nerdy’, geek, engineering, tech stuff.

I mix art and science

specially in the side of living entities, I construct abstract biological structures, occasionally inducted into technological scenarios, these hypothetical environments are not necessarily terrestrial nor coming from this spatial dimension. I consider that science offers a range of new media and methods for artistic exploration, expecting that the art and science evolution isn’t just about the production of art and science in their own proprieties, but also about a more integrated society.

After a long period

traveling around the world, I decided to embark on a research trip, right in the heart of the Amazon jungle, looking for drawings, shapes, volumes, colors, cave art, tattoos, in short, everything to do with the ancient pre-Columbian people. I was there for about 4 years, that was an important period of my life. After that adventure I focused on sculpture and painting, evolving from realism into abstract surrealism.

By the end of my regular studies years I experimented with photography and film-making. I moved back to Belém and start my art atelier on a propriety location of my family, I produced series of canvas works, sculptures and installations, made part of various art shows, I won an important prize, the SART IV, in the city of Porto Velho, capital of the Rondonia state.

Currently my art

flows alternating science and Sci-Fi, poetry and underground, geometry and calligraphic elements, organic structures and architectural drawings in a continuous on/off, within some sort of bipolarity zone, annihilating and self regenerating each other. I open these psychological containers, apparently ambiguous and solve them on a single scenario, imagining that all information in the universe is right there, in that small piece of idea, disappeared, apparently dissolved but certainly recoverable.

I moved to Europe

in 2000, Switzerland then Italy, i begun to taking part in local group exhibitions, art competitions, when I won the prize International Fine Arts “La Phoenix” in Palermo, Italy.

My new studio’s

in the middle of the beautiful Sicilian country side, a small art farm, where I got quietness, birds singing, fresh air, nature inspiration.
I currently paint and sell my works thru physical and online galleries, I ship them worlwide, directly from my studio.